1. Reclaim Support Services

Provides free comprehensive support for survivors of child sexual abuse and for others who engage in or are affected by the Royal Commission process.   Phone: 1800 052 674


Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault – our best contact.   Office in Ringwood East.    Phone: 03 9870 7330  

The South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault & Family Violence (SECASA) offers a wealth of material on their website:  www, 

3. In Good Faith Foundation

Clergy Abuse Recovery - formed last year specifically to respond to the issue of institutional sexual abuse. Pam Krstic is a founding member, as also Fr Kevin Dillon. CEO Helen Last.    Phone: 03 9326 5991.

4. Australian Childhood Foundation

Specialises in providing support to children and young people who have experienced abuse. They also provide training to other service providers and have fantastic resources on the website including information on how to take action locally:  Office in Mitcham.     Phone: 03 9874 3922.

5. Child Wise

A leading not-for-profit child sexual abuse prevention organisation. They offer specific training for organisations that are wanting to better support young people and children who are experiencing or at risk of child sexual abuse. Sheets   Phone: 1800 991 099

6. For the Innocents

Support group for adult victims and survivors. “We are ordinary people who want to apologize to you, the victims, survivors – the innocents – and to your families and friends for the pain, trauma, isolation and unwarranted guilt you may have carried as a result of sexual or other abuse by Catholic clergy, religious teachers or workers. We acknowledge that such abuse has also occurred in other communities.”   Phone Bob Munro:  03 9870 5149