We are gradually building up a library of books to raise awareness and deepen our understanding of the epidemic of sexual abuse that was uncovered by the Victorian Parliamentary Inquiry in 2012-13 and the Royal Commission which began work in 2013 and is ongoing.
Many books are first hand accounts written by survivors with the intention of uncovering the evil that has corrupted our society, and of encouraging other victims to free themselves from the secrecy that holds them bound.
Some books published in recent years attempt to examine the history of abuse, to  discover its causes and investigate its effects, and to throw light on the culture that has allowed it to continue and even protected perpetrators.  
We will attempt to give a very brief indication of what the book or the article is about, to help you to choose those that may answer your questions. 
  1. Child Sexual Abuse: 6 Stages of Grooming  A must read for everyone who wants to understand how it happens, and be prepared to intervene to protect a child.